Towards a Geography of Fiction

It all starts with the supposedly simple questions: Where is literature set and why there? Europe offers an abundant wealth of fictionalised landscapes and cities. The nascent research area of literary geography / literary cartography aims at visibly rendering such complex overlays of real and fictional geographies. Against this background that an interactive prototype of a »Literary Atlas of Europe« is currently under development at the Institute of Cartography and Geoinformation, ETH Zurich.


ER Diagramm Database

Mapping Literature: Atlas Prototype

Anne-Kathrin Reuschel Mapping Literature. The Prototype of »A Literary Atlas of Europe« → Download at the bottom of the page Mapping Literature and analysing maps of literary landscapes are the ambitious aims of the project »A Literary Atlas of Europe«. By means of cartographic knowledge and techniques, instruments are provided to investigate various spatial aspects in [...]

Piatti B. (2009) Literary Geography – or how Cartographers open up a New Dimension for Literary Studies

Cartography opens up new Dimensions

Barbara Piatti Literary Geography – or how Cartographers open up a New Dimension for Literary Studies → Download at the bottom of the page Abstract: Mapping spaces in fiction seems like a simple idea. But in fact, it turns out to be a major interdisciplinary challenge at the crossroads of literary theory and cartographic concepts for more [...]


The Literary Atlas Project

Barbara Piatti, Anne-Kathrin Reuschel, Hans Rudolf Bär, Lorenz Hurni The Geography of Fiction – The Project “A Literary Atlas of Europe” (Original Title: Die Geographie der Fiktion – Das Projekt ›Ein literarischer Atlas Europas‹ → Download at the bottom of the page Summary Where is the setting of literature? How does fiction make use of [...]

Vierwaldstätterdee: Urner See

Genesis of a Literary Landscape

Barbara Piatti et al. Rendering visible the Genesis of a Literary Landscape. Interactive Maps as Tools for Literary History (Original Title: Die Entstehung einer literarischen Landschaft sichtbar machen. Interaktive Karten als Instrumente der Literaturgeschichte) → Download at the bottom of the page Piatti, B. (2009); Reuschel, A.-K.; Bär, H. R.; Hurni, L.: »Die Entstehung einer [...]


A Literary Atlas of Europe

Anne-Kathrin Reuschel A Literay Atlas of Europe → Download at the bottom of the page Published in german: A.K.Reuschel (2011), B.Piatti: »Ein Literarischer Atlas Europas« In: Geoinformationssysteme, Prof. Dr. M. Schilcher (Hrsg.), Beiträge zum 16. Münchner Fortbildungsseminar, abcverlag → Download [3.5 MB]

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