Karte 1: Uwe Johnson »Zwei Ansichten« (1965)  © Karte: Giannina Widmer

Berlin Novels and Urban Topography

Giannina Leonie Widmer:

» "over the Wall" and the hole in the middle of Berlin. Berlin literature before and after the reunification – from a literary geography perspective« (Master thesis, University of Basel 2010)

Map 2a: Peter Schneider »Der Mauerspringer« (1982) Frame story layer © Giannina Widmer, Basel
Map 2b: Peter Schneider »Der Mauerspringer« (1982) Embedded narrative layer © Giannina Widmer, Basel
Map 5: Subterranean settings and zones of action © Giannina Widmer, Basel
Map 6: Remodelling of geospace © Giannina Widmer, Basel

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